Five and its multiples are a very big reoccurring theme in Rune Master. This is both intentional and unintentional, and something that has amused RM's creators for some time. Though it has no true impact on the story itself, it is an interesting novelty nonetheless. Below is a list of examples of this Theme of Five, some of which apply to Ehrdi in general, and not just Rune Master. Please keep in mind this list is not complete, as some events that apply have yet to show online. It will be updated as these events pass, or when another five example has been discovered that was previously unknown. Enjoy!

  1. 5 weeks in an Ehrdi month.
  2. 5 continents (Aust, Nordin, Sudau, Suud, and Vestin).
  3. 360 days in a year.
  4. Points in toeball are 5, 10 or 15.
  5. Toeball has 15-minute periods.
  6. Toeball field is 150 yards long.
  7. Toeball field is 75 yards wide.
  8. There are 5 Faeri subraces.
  9. There are 10 letters in “Rune Master”.
  10. There are 5 words in RM’s subtitle, “Tales of a demon slayer”.
  11. Rune Master begins in 5575 AFE.
  12. Ehrdi is approximately 40,575 years old when RM starts.
  13. 5 main characters (Diyero, Kogeru, Mushin, Myron and Hikari)
  14. Meet the 5th main character in group in the 5th chapter of Book I (Hikari).
  15. Hikari is 20 years old when she's introduced.
  16. Fayte’s 15 years old when he’s introduced.
  17. Atatu” (Diyero's birthplace) has 5 letters in it.
  18. There are 15 chapters per book.
  19. Most of the main characters are 5-foot-something.
  20. Mushin is 5 at the beginning.
  21. Hikari is born in 5555 AFE.
  22. Mushin is born in 5570 AFE.
  23. Fayte is born in 5560 AFE.

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