The Stimato Fighter-Mage Academy is one of the famous schools in Estero and is located in the city's southwestern district. Founded in 5031 AFE, it is the only Fighter-Mage specific school in Estero, and much of its curriculum focuses on warfare and arcane magic and offers various degrees in these fields. However, the school also offers programs and degrees in history and cultural studies: many a famous historian studied at the academy. While it is not a college/university, the academy provides an excellent level of education and many graduates forgo college and find fantastic jobs right after they leave the school.

Significance in Rune MasterEdit

In Rune Master, the Stimato Fighter-Mage Academy is where Diyero studied demon and monster lore. He graduated from the school in 5574 AFE, majoring in Rune Inscribing and Demon Lore. While he did not receive any degrees in the field, Diyero also had extensive blade fighting training while at the academy.

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