Continent: Aust
Nation: Senjo
Capital: Tenrai
Climate: Continental
Population: 136,211,844
Ratio: 37% Senjo, 35% Half-Senjo, 27% Human, 1% Other
Languages: Senjose, Trade
Religions: Butsudou, Glaubin
Government: Military Dictatorship & figurehead Empire
Leader: Currently no Shogun; Emperor Saito Haruki (Haruki Saito) (RM)
Currencies: Okane, Geld
ITA Member: Yes
Slavery: Legal (Other Senjose)

Senjokuni is the far eastern country in Aust and is part of the Senjo nation.

Significance in Rune MasterEdit

In Rune Master, Senjokuni the birth country of Kogeru Yubi, Mushin Kido, Hikari and Hanzo.

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