Penda Kwamti


Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 514
Classes: Warrior
Race: Half-Duendo
Age: 30 (At death)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Morals: Chaotic Good
Faith: Mungu
Languages: Duendai
Weapons: Spear
Fighting Style: Mbali-choma
DOB: 3/32/5534 AFE
DOD: 4/6/5564 AFE
Birthplace: Atatu
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Golden Yellow (dyed; naturally black)
Height: 6'0" (1.83 m)
Weight: 150 lbs (68.04 kg)
Family: Jabin (husband) and Diyero (son).

Penda was the wife of Jabin and mother of Diyero. Caring and compassionate, Penda coddled her only son, Thimba (Diyero) and enthralled him with her stories of history and legends. Talented in spearmanship, Penda died a warrior attempting to protect her son from Druden slavers.



Originally an extremely shy and introverted individual, Penda was gradually pulled out of her shell when she met Jabin as a teenager. The two met during a spear combat competition - a fight that she won. This did not stop them from becoming fast friends, and the two spent much of their time together whenever Jabin visited her village.

Eventually, Jabin proposed to her after he reached marrying age, and the two were married shortly thereafter. Penda gave birth to a son, Thimba, only a year later. She spent the rest of her life looking after her "two troublesome boys" and doing her best to keep them out of too much mischief.

Sadly, on the first day of Thimba's coming of age ceremony, their village was attacked by slavers. Penda defended her son fiercely, killing a slaver mage in the process. The act made the slaver leader decide she was too dangerous to keep alive, and ordered her killed. A crossbow bolt found her heart shortly thereafter.



  • Her slight overprotectiveness of Diyero came from her natural compassionate nature and from a series of miscarriages that followed her first pregnancy - making Diyero her only child to even make it to birth.

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