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The Overlord Gods are the deities that transcend race and the grudges and alliances that run the immortal lives of the other Ehrdi gods. The original Creators, the Overlords are the only ones that hold complete power over all the other pantheons and faiths, a neutral force to keep the heavens' power balanced.


Gender: Male
Morals: Neutral
Nicknames: The Great Father, Creator, The One
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Holy Text: None; he has no worshiper base and grants no divine powers to mortals
Domains: The Universe
History: Texts of the Ancients say that from oblivion sprung Vador and his wife, Muder. Together, they created the stars and moons and Ehrdi from nothingness. This new word displeased Vador, and so he spat upon his barren creation, bringing forth Ehrdi's seas. Still not satisfied, Vador and Muder agreed not to take this task of creation solely upon their own hands. Others should bring their inspiration forth. Plucking three stars from the heavens, Vador created the father deities of the Ancients (now dead), Faeri, and Ziegun. He left the remainder of creation in his offspring's hands, and admired their work from afar. Over the ages, he and Muder watch over their children and Ehrdi, often simple observers in the everlasting struggle that is life, but occasionally tipping their hands in to keep the scales of power balanced in the universe.


Gender: Female
Morals: Neutral
Nicknames: The Great Mother, Creator
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Holy Text: None; she has no worshiper base and grants no divine powers to mortals
Domains: The Universe
History: With Vador came Muder, together and as one. With her husband, Muder crafted the heavens and Ehrdi from nothingness. When Vador's spit created Ehrdi's seas, Mador calmed her displeased husband and convinced him to help her bring forth new creators. Breaking three pieces from the moon, Muder created the mother deities of the Subagel, Dragons, and Datong. Like Vador and his children, Muder sent her offspring forth to forge their own mark upon Ehrdi. Throughout the eons, she has guarded over Ehrdi and helped Vador keep the balance when the scales tip too dangerously far.

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