Ortodoksal'nyi is the faith followed by the Subagel, and is similar in some ways to the Cattòlico faith. Though it lacks a martyr/prophet as one focus of worship, Ortodoksal'nyi does, like Cattòlico, teach forgiveness of others, kindness, love, and respect for others. Its teachings sometimes suffer the same distortion that Cattòlico does, but to a much lesser extent -- though this may simply be due to the much smaller number of Subagel in comparison to the Drude. When one of Ortodoksal'nyi faith dies, their soul goes to Nebo, providing they were overall good in life. Otherwise, like most other evil souls, they end up in Profundum.


Gender: Female
Morals: Lawful Good
Nicknames: The Winged Mother, Guardian of the Skies
Allies: Huerr
Enemies: Arch-Demons
Holy Text: Svyatoj
Domains: The Subagel, birds, wind
History: The first deity created by Muder, Golub is a goddess dedicated to justice and good. She created the Subagel people from one of her wing feathers. She gave them the small, yet mountainous islands in northern Suud where they could spread their wings and soar in the skies with ease. She is a kind deity who watches over her mortal wards happily, like a mother that oversees her children playing in the yard. Though she loved her Subagel, Golub was lonely. She created another deity this time, a male named Huerr. Huerr was a loyal companion to Golub and helped her watch over the Subagel until his battle with an arch-demon, Bielzu. In their fight, Bielzu tore Huerr's beautiful wings from his body, forever banishing the deity from flying the skies. Huerr, though in the end he defeated Bielzu, was ashamed of his wingless state and left the Subagel heavens. He went on to become the first and only Human deity. Golub still visits her fallen companion from time to time.