Myron Zorba
Time Period: Age of Unification
First Appearance: Page 73
Class: Marksman
Race: Ziegun
Age: 28 (27 at start of RM)
Sexuality: Asexual
Morals: Neutral Good (with lawful leanings)
Faith: Zieek Pantheon
Languages: Zieek and Trade
Weapon: Oak bow and arrows
Fighting Style: Ptenoz Thanatos
DOB: 2/12/5548 AFE
Birthplace: Kefalê
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6" (1.68 m)
Weight: 145 lbs (65.77 kg)
Family: Arion (Older brother), Damara (sister-in-law), parents

Myron is not an outcast in his society, though sometimes he feels like one. Most Ziegun study the arts or philosophies and spend their time debating viewpoints or entering the political forum. Myron, however, is a warrior at heart (albeit a mellow one), and while he appreciates the artful and philosophical history of his culture, holds little passion for it. Wishing to find more excitement, he joined Diyero and Kogeru on their trip back to the west. He has a rather amusing (to others, not him) speech impediment that makes him sound like a goat. Being a Ziegun doesn't help the matter seem any less humorous to his companions.


Myron grew up in Kefalê with his brother and parents, often skipping out on classes as a younger child -- he found many of the them boring. In his teens he discovered he really enjoyed archery, and soon enlisted in the town's militia. He never fought in any wars, though he did help bring down some troublesome monsters. In joining Diyero and Kogeru in their wanderings, he hopes to keep his life interesting.


  • He's had the stutter ever since he learned to speak. His parents tried several methods to fix it, but nothing worked.
  • He has a weakness for lettuce, and can easily eat a pound or two of it in a single day... Even if he isn't that hungry.
  • While he enjoys the company of others and has a soft spot for kids, Myron has no urge to start a family of his own (friends notwithstanding). He simply lacks any sex drive or urge to become emotionally attached to someone else beyond the bonds of friendship and kinship. Why he is this way, no one knows, but Myron's perfectly content being "single and happy."