Continent: Nordin
Nation: Ziegun
Capital: Kefalalo
Climate: Temperate and Highland
Population: 65,435,092
Ratio: 60% Ziegun, 20% Half-Ziegun, 18% Human, 2% Other
Languages: Zieek, Trade
Religions: Zieek Pantheon, Glaubin
Government: Democracy
Leader: Proedros Alec Dasios (RM)
Currencies: Lefta, Geld
ITA Member: Yes
Slavery: Legal; Humans

Kefalê is the northwesternmost country in Nordin and is part of the Ziegun nation.

Significance in Rune MasterEdit

In Rune Master, Kefalê is home to the following events:

  • Diyero and friends meet Myron and his brother, Arion on the coast.
  • It is also where they defeat a hydra monster.
  • Myron joins their demon slaying group.
  • Kefalê is Myron and Arion's homeland.

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