Home Continent: Nordin
Countries: Kefalê, Omoplate, Gonu, Poiou, Oaktulos
Languages: Zieek, Trade
Slavery: Legal in parts of Kefalê and all of Gonu
Relationships: Neutral to all but the Drude -- on friendly terms with the Drude
Average Height: 5'0"-5'7"
Average Weight: 143 lbs
Lifespan: 85 years
Focus: The arts (mainly sculpture and music), philosophy, and fishing
Holidays/Festivals: N/A
Notable Members: N/A

The most common Half-breeds after Half-Faeri, Half-Ziegun are found primarily in the continent of Nordin, in the countries of their full Ziegun parents. Like their goat-kin sires, Half-Ziegun dedicate themselves to art, philosophy, and sports. Many are just as skilled in their field as any full-blooded Ziegun.

Half-Ziegun are rarely found outside of the Ziegun nation, though some do make a living traveling the seas. Their temperaments are often the same as their Ziegun kin, and it is a rare Half-Ziegun that doesn't appreciate classical arts or a philosophical discussion. Half-Ziegun are often tall and lanky, and often make excellent athletes for more dexterity-oriented sports.

Their looks reflect their non-Human parents, skin tones often of a peachy tone, ranging from near-tan to almost-pale. The color of the fur on their small tails is the same as their hair color, which is black, brown, or sometimes red. Like full Ziegun, Half-Ziegun have black pupils, while the sclera ("whites" of the eyes) are instead some shade of yellow, from dull to bright. They are also somewhat hairier than fully Humans, but not as furry as full Ziegun. Half-Ziegun have horns, though they tend to be smaller than full Ziegun's.

Like some Humans, Half-Ziegun are fully part of Ziegun society, and therefore share their characteristics and cultural heritage. As such, they do not have separate sociological information here.

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