Continent: Vestin
Nation: Illph
Capital: None
Climate: Temperate
Population: 11,007,468
Ratio: 40% Illph, 45% Half-Illph, 13% Human, 2% Other
Languages: Illphi, Druden, Trade
Religions: Unelanvhi, Glaubin, Cattòlico
Government: Regional
Leader: None
Currencies: Denaro, Adela, Geld
ITA Member: No
Slavery: Illegal

Galivladi is the northernmost tribal territory in central Vestin and is part of the Illph nation.

Significance in Rune MasterEdit

In Rune Master, Galivladi is where Diyero and his friends first enter the Illphi nation. It is also the territory that the town of Tsisquohi resides in.

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