Empusae are some of the more powerful common demons, and numerous enough in Ehrdi to be identifiable to demon experts. Ranking just above lamia in strength, Empusae were once beautiful women whose vanity and selfishness made them ideal targets to the early Daemons, and were changed into one of their kind. Their true forms are half-woman, half-donkey, but they are capable of taking on a form that of a Human (and sometimes Faeri or Half-Faeri) woman. They use these forms to seduce mortal men, then lure them away from safety, where they then transform into their true forms and devour the unfortunate males. They rarely target women and children, though it is not unheard of.

Significance in Rune MasterEdit

In Rune Master during Chapter 8, Book I, an empusae attempts to seduce Diyero and get him drunk so she can easily kill him. Her plan ultimately fails, and Diyero slays her.

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