Alastair Andreios
Time Period: Late War of the Ancient's Fall
Classes: Warrior/Royalty
Race: Ziegun
Age: 50 (At death)
Sexuality Heterosexual
Morals: Chaotic Good
Faith: Zieek Pantheon
Languages: Zieek
DOB: 7/6/-698 AFE
DOD: 5/37/-648 AFE
Birthplace: Gonu
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Dark gray-brown
Height: 5'8" (1.73 m)
Weight: 192 lbs (87.09 kg)
Family: Wife and one son

A king of Gonu, Alastair was a brave and charismatic leader of the warlike Gonu Ziegun during the later years of The War of the Ancient's Fall. Alastair was named after his divine ancestor, mighty Alastair, ruler of the Zieek gods. When the Ancients decided to try and reconquer Nordin, starting at Gonu, Alastair gathered 299 of his most trusted and skilled men (with sons to carry on their names) and held the invading force off at the tactfully narrow passage at Zestospylin for several days. They were aided during the three days by a few thousand Ziegun from Akoi and Poiou, and killed some 20,000 of their Ancient foes.

However, the final days were fought only by the Gonuians and a few hundred of their allies after a traitor revealed a back passage to the Ancients. Alastair ordered their allies to retreat and remained with his own men; some other Ziegun refused to return and fought by the Gonuians' sides. Though Alastair and his men all died in the end, they managed to slay tens of thousands of Ancients before they fell. Alastair's brave stand not only weakened the Ancient war effort and allowed his fellow Ziegun to fully defeat them the following year, but earned him a permanent place in Ehrdi's history books.

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